The Wandering Bon Vivant is something I've wanted to start writing for a long time. As someone who lives well and wanders often I am constantly being inspired everywhere I go. I wanted a place to gather my loves and to share them. From what I eat to what I wear to what I listen to, where I travel and what I am reading. I'm not saying you will care, or that you should, but maybe you just might. And hopefully here you will find some new loves of your own.  

{Based in, but not limited to, Boston}


About the Bon Vivant: Hi! I'm Jacki Mo. In 2010 I graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in Business. My first week out of school, I started up a food blog "Just Add Cheese" with a good friend of mine. The blog chronicled our food adventures, from dining at restaurants in Boston (and beyond) to amateur recipe testing at home. It was our food baby in every sense of the word. 3 years after starting Just Add Cheese I landed my dream job managing public relations and private events for James Bear Award winning chef Jody Adams. As my career took off, Just Add Cheese began to take a back seat. Now, as I celebrate my third anniversary working with Jody and her team of inspiring, talented and thoughtful individuals, I decided it's time to revisit my love for writing and sharing on a personal level. Welcome to the Wandering Bon Vivant! 

TREATS: I'm not the only Bon out there and I know it. I regularly work with close friends and contributors on posts here on WBV and happily accept tips and musings from others (and encourage it). Please send a note in the contact section if you have something to share.